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released July 29, 2016

Inverted X is the fusion of the mangled minds of barrel-shape and grgr.

vocals & lyrics on "Hollow Shell" - Rowan Carrot

guitar on "Fall of Atlantis" - Pamela Sternin

vocals on "Octopus Smash Head" - JuJu

Copious thanks go out to Rowan Carrot, Pamela Sternin, and JuJu for their musical contributions and to Tony Atkinson and many others for the encouragement they have given to our strange little project. Love and thanks to all, even if you think Inverted X sucks.



all rights reserved


Inverted X Tacoma, Washington

cathartic experimentalism

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Track Name: Extra Dimensions
brane new world
proceed into the unknown
extra dimensions
Track Name: CUT MY TEETH
cut my teeth
against your walls
playing god
water to wine
hear the screams
part the red sea
let it bleed
until I'm quenched
let me drink.

conduct basement lab rat tests
robotic overlook of unprecedented acts
meld the flesh heap to the floor
and it stands, no nerve untapped
ripping skin from its back
shed like nothing ever fucking happened

whip my back
over scabs
train for dressage
when i'm spent
show all you have
tear the rib cage
from my chest
skin off the rest

crush cartilage into the brain
with just the palm of your hand
sling the noob through a noose
scoff at the snap
hound wrenches to and fro
from sole on up
shredded pinata hangs in seconds

ears remain dipt
finally adjusted to the pitch change
hope it stays until the ending
guess this is falling action
conclusion came so fast, missed it
stuttered resolution
superficially guilt stricken
always belonged back in the box it crept out from
another shameful specimen unworthy of classification
concocting inevitable strife
spreading disease to each and every patient

pay the piper
2 pence apiece
no children
for the taking
end my life
like a captain.
Track Name: You're Not A Cannibal, Lewis
these teeth are pleading now in panic these teeth are trembling now in panic these teeth are cowering now in panic these teeth are running now in panic these teeth are screaming now in panic these teeth will shatter now in panic

teeth and panic i have them both english accent flows unlike snow down melting mountain. talking ghost urpulepsy placid d d d d you read that/read that/red that wrong forget computers they’re cannibals you’re not a cannibal Lewis you are sensitive look that’s you smiling

these teeth are pleading now in panic these teeth are trembling now in panic these teeth are cowering now in panic these teeth are running now in panic these teeth are screaming now in panic these teeth will shatter now in panic
Track Name: Hollow Shell (feat. Rowan Carrot)
Give me your heart and I will wash my hands with it, I promise you.
We listened heavily like whales under the water down so deep.
I left you on the shore line with your hands untied.
As water washed over your body I was crying
like a mother sheep that bleeds before her lambs are stolen out from under her sleeping body
as the sun comes up into the fields.
I left you on the shore line,
swam into the tide towards the horizon
underneath until I wasn’t so deep
now I lie at the bottom. . .
Now I lie at the bottom minding my own business. . .

beside a peeling bench in a blank park
in a metropolis the pigeons
search the ground for remnants
their eyes see the seeds and their
beaks feel the withered hand that
held them

a withered torn photograph is
wedged into a crack in the bench
there is a face in the picture; it smiles into wintry air
happy with the ice and wind that is driving all
others back to refuge. The pigeons do not
see it.

their frosty beaks dismayed, the birds
begin to drift away from the bench.
they are not cooing

resting beside the bench
there is a bag of seed, small, opened.
weeds are curling around the bag. cheap,
hard seed, crumbled, perfect for pigeons.
the mice will find it soon.

the pigeons survive the winter.
each day they hear the howls of orphaned dogs
through the fog.

I lie like a shell with no animal in it.
Keep to yourself ‘cause we’ve all got our limits.
Lie like a shell with no animal in it.
Lie still like a shell with no animal in it.
Like a tide pushing for you, just go, just go with it.
And stay like a shell with no animal in it.
I left you on the shore line,
swam into the tide,
now I’m decomposing at the bottom of the ocean.
is anyone in there?
is anyone there?
please answer.
please answer the door,
i need you to let me in.
i've been out here for hours,
maybe days,
i don't know,
but i need you to open this door.
please open this door,
i'm growing tired of asking.
just open the door.
all you need to do is let me in.
i'm just a man who needs you to open the door.
is there something wrong with you?
just answer.
i'm not going to do anything,
i just want inside.
please open the door.
i'm going to start knocking a lot harder.
i know you can hear me,
this door is going to open,
are you still there?
i feel like i can hear you,
you don't know what i'll do if you don't open this door.
open it.
open it.
open the fucking door.
open it.
you don't care about me do you?
you don't care about me anymore.
you won't answer,
open the door,
let me in,
open the door,
please let me in,
let me in,
please let me in.
you won't get away with this i promise,
you won't. . .
Track Name: cosmic adventure
Hitch a ride on an asteroid. Come with us on a journey to the outer reaches of space. See the radiant glory of the Orion Nebula and the towering colossi of interstellar clouds as you streak by the erupting supernovas and the shimmering grandeur of distant galaxies. You may begin to feel invincible. You may begin to feel that this marvelous journey will never end. May I remind you that this is a simulation and if you actually rode into space on an asteroid you would be dead within seconds.
Track Name: Octopus Smash Head (feat JuJu)
you’re growing death in me

consider me unwillingly
staring down a rigid peak
hear the screech
hell can’t compete
you’re growing death in me

you’re growing death in me

an effort towards the unattainable
a perfection that lives in faltering words
a healing that lives in opening wounds
the denial of an expanding impulse
evisceration of empty heart

you’re growing death in me
demand for it back
set aflame
turn your fucking back

living in squalor
disgruntled, enamored
alone and screaming
on a carpet of nails
writhing, decaying
in filth and shame
peeling walls leave streaks
of black mold on howling emptiness.

oh no
i'll never be
throw me down
hold me down
kill me now
fuck it, done
took my chance away
so kill me.
might as well
already killed the man i would have been.

peel off the skin and unstring the sinews
enjoy ample rolls of fat
scalp me and make a natural bald wig
unspool intestines and deep fry my heart
in a vat of my blood and lard
kick deformed skull in impromptu football
grind my bones into an aphrodisiac
let my scraps be used for topsoil
consume your contaminated harvest

lets connect the dots
from your force
to my head
on the ground
at the center
in the corner
in hyposhock
in the ward
to nothingness. . .
what? what?
to nothingness. . .
what? what?
Track Name: x
i need to separate myself from humanity
i need to drag my face across the pavement
leave a fuckin' blood trail
let the kids play in it

hey, look Chase, i found a puddle!
come on and splash with me!
yay, this is so much fun!
i just want to do this all day!
hey, look, the puddle's growing!
where is all this blood coming from?
oh, what a lovely day!
Track Name: Fall of Atlantis (feat. Pamela Sternin)
slaves think they rule Atlantis predetermined agents if they won’t i’ll embrace it watch me deface it.

before a thought explodes
its mysterious cycles
its ambulatory tendrils
through the glistening
corridors of pulsating organs
an odyssey in the blackness
as it collects the seed of
an idea. From what clouds
or dimensions, from what
calls or miasma? Suspended,
temporary until it becomes permanent,
its birth splatters bloodily forth
from the now and dispenses itself
murderously among malleable
imaginations: an act of free

biosocial factors molested throughout adolescence finally impregnated it’s twisted sense of logic it’s attacking contorting think it’s time for an abortion i thwart it embrace insanity my prescription finite designed at risk can’t know what world i’m in in an ohnosecond the will whispers i quiver carry out its bidding can’t tell what direction the storm brews wind tears my sails waves shred the wood no vessel could save this battered boat slaves think they rule Atlantis watch me deface it.
Track Name: Zoonotic Pandemic
a gangrenous plague sears and maligns and disembowels and eviscerates and pulverizes and consumes the fractured and ruined contents of the scabrous epidermis of the earth the malignant force that clawed its way from the scorching deformed bowels of the core to the tranquil austere surface in an asymmetrical dance of decadent deception, denizens of barbarism

unquantifiable abstracts
why should i be concerned?

enshrouded in the shining luminescent fabrics of mined caverns, a cloud of suffocating poisonous dust groping with permutating fingers at tender petals and inseminating the purified liquid stream with particles of contaminated pus vicious tendrils ensnare soft flesh and puncture it with barbed needles as salivated teeth crush feeble bones

why should i be concerned?

among mounds on unfurled blood-drenched intestines the screeching infants of the plague fresh with scales and swollen claws, engulf one another the howls of agony echoing long into the blackening mists of brutal demise

unquantifiable abstracts
why should i be concerned?

tired of this world
these people
tangle of their lives

why should i be concerned?
unquantifiable abstracts
why should i be concerned?
we’re all going to die someday
we’re all going to be
dead buried and rotting forever
it might be a heart attack
or you might get shot
you might get hit by a bus
you might get stabbed, or burned, or poisoned
you might get a terminal disease
lots of people die every day
one of these days it will be you
you could get mauled by a bear or a lion
you could get dismembered by a shark
you could be torn apart by a pack of wild dogs
an elephant could trample you
some people are lucky enough to die painlessly
while sleeping or by surprise
most of you will not be all that lucky
for most death means agony and pain
some die with loved ones surrounding their deathbed
others die completely alone
and afraid and in pain and discomfort
everyone goes differently
some of you believe that god takes you to heaven
the problem is that’s a load of crap
the universe is vast and magnificent
and it does not care at all about you
or your mom or your dad
or your children or your siblings
or your grandma or your uncle
or your cousin or your friends
or your husband or your wife
or your girlfriend or your boyfriend
or your dog or your cat
or your parrot or your turtle or your fish
that’s why they'll all be dead.
(oh no)